Explosions in the Angel Grove, a very deeply post rock rooted Power Rangers movie : sebuah ulasan

First, it felt like a two TV pilot episodes joint together. Mereka dah boleh jadi Power Rangers at the end of the first half tapi mengenangkan Lionsgate ni punya bajet bukanlah besar macam big studio macam Disney, Warner, Fox, atau Universal, maka itulah yang kita dapat. Bila dapat untung dari filem pertama ni barulah bolleh rolling untuk bajet dan aksi yang lebih banyak untuk filem yang seterusnya barangkali.

But it also does felt like X-Men First Class. A very young X Men at its formation dan mereka jadi X Men pun dekat-dekat hujung movie, but still, sebab aku minat Matthew Vaughn, you can feel the weight at the very last scene of First Class. Power Rangers not so much. It wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t that bad either.

Cara Dean Israelite menggarap naskhah ini membuatkan ia jadi filem Power Rangers versi post rock. Memang awalnya ia mengambil sisi John Hughes, Breakfast Club yang paling jelas melalui pertemuan Jason, Billy dan Kimberly di kelas tahanan tetapi tonanya seperti Peter Berg. Jason Scott sebagai football star punya scene memang echo sebijik style Friday Night Lights yang mana Explosions in the Sky membikin muziknya. Aku ingatkan aku saja-saja je feel begitu, tapi memang betul pun ada nama Explosions in the Sky pada kredit soundtrack.

Muzik akan reflect suasana. Dulu, filem tak ada mood score post rock sangat sebab filem terbiasa dengan susunan string ensemble atau orchestra. Kalau baca hal Explosions in the Sky (EITS) ni, mereka macam bikin skor filem yg tak wujud tapi dengan instrumenrasi sebuah band: gitar, bass, dram. Filem Friday Night Lights arahan Peter Berg (Patriots Day, Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon) pada aku penting dalam memperkenal khalayak pada muzil EITS dan gaya muzik sebegitu dalam filem-filem lain lepas tu. Yang hampir dekat dgn EITS pada aku ialah John Murphy yang bikin muzik untuk filem Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later, tapi dari segi motif aje, instrument masih lagi orkestra.

Cameron Crowe pernah pakai lagu Sigur Ros untuk filem Vanilla Sky, tapi sekadar nak penuhkan album soundtrack yang pelbagai aliran muziknya dan tak utilize sangat ‘post rock’ untuk membentuk moment. So, Friday Night Lights is still the thing for me. Tengok aje lah filem Friday Night Lights tu dengan Power Rangers back to back.

Power Rangers berasal dari premis yang silly. Yang asalnya penuh dengan line cheesy dan bad acting tapi menjual aksi dan kostum warna-warni. Dan filem ini mahu melihat realiti remaja yang memikul beban sebagai Power Rangers yang kita semua maklum bagaimana tetapi dengan masalah dan dunia sebenar mereka sebagai remaja, yang pada aku idea yang menarik, tapi ia masih kerja yang sukar untuk mennyeimbangkannya sebab ada terlalu banyak perangkap.

Tapi aku masih mahu tunggu filem seterusnya. Sebab ia premis yang ada potensi.


Tarikh tayang : 23 Mac 2017
Pengarah : Dean Israelite
Genre : Aksi, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhero
Pelakon : Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Dacre Montgomery, Zac Taylor, Naomi Scott, Becky G
Pengedar: TGV Pictures

​You know, because once you go to L.A., you’re gonna have friends like crazy. But they’re gonna be fake friends…

You know, they’re gonna try to corrupt you. You got an honest face, and they’re gonna tell you everything. But you cannot make friends with the rock stars…If you’re gonna be a true journalist — you know, a rock journalist — first, you never get  much. But you will get free records from the record company. Jesus. Fucking nothing about you that is controversial, man. God, it’s gonna get ugly, man. They’re gonna buy you drinks. You’re gonna meet girls, they’re gonna try to fly you places for free, offer you drugs. I know. It sounds great, but these people are not your friends. You know, these are people who want you to write sanctimonious stories about the genius of rock stars. And they will ruin rock ‘n’ roll, and strangle everything we love about it, right? You know, because they’re trying to buy respectability for a form that is gloriously and righteously dumb. Now, you’re smart enough to know that. And the day it ceases to be dumb is the day that it ceases to be real, right? And then it just becomes an industry of cool. I’m – I’m telling ya, you’re comin’ along at a very dangerous time for rock ‘n’ roll. I mean, the war is over. They won. And 99% of what passes for rock ‘n’ roll these days, silence is more compelling. That’s why I think you should just turn around and go back, you know,and be a lawyer or somethin’. But I can tell from your face that you won’t. I can give you 35 bucks. Give me a thousand words on Black Sabbath…Hey, you have to make your reputation on being honest and, uh, you know, unmerciful… If you get into a jam, you can call me. I stay up late.

The Empire Makes a Comeback

Royal Selangor has added more exciting collectibles to the hugely successful Star Wars collection, an on-going collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. This time around, the focus is on the “teeth and claws” of the Empire and its successor, the First Order , which is featured in the movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Limited Edition Captain Phasma figurine headlines the additional line-up. The imposing physique of captain who commands the First Order legions of troopers is meticulously captured. From the pockets on the grainy cloak to the sleek compartments on the utility belt cum holster and the blaster, the high level of detailing accentuates the air of menace that radiates from this prominent stormtrooper.

Complementing the figurine are four finely crafted keychains that feature the helmets of the clone trooper, Imperial stormstrooper and First Order stormtrooper.

View these additions at any Royal Selangor retail store. authorised dealers and online at starwars.royalselangor.com.

Shopee 9.9 Mobile Shopping Day!

Malaysians to Shop “Kaw Kaw” on 9 September with massive deals, attractive prizes and mobile auctions on Shopee

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 August 2016: Shopee, a leading mobile-first marketplace in SEA, today officially announced the first ever Shopee 9.9 – Mobile Shopping Day. Slated to be the biggest mobile shopping festival ever, Shopee will offer many attractive deals and promotions for 24 hours non-stop, including live auctions for mobile phones with bids starting at RM 9.90, special picks under RM 9 and exclusive partner offers.

“The uptake of mobile shopping has far exceeded our expectations and Shopee is now the leading marketplace in the region. We would like to mark September 9 as a milestone to usher in a new era where everyone is free to shop online, anytime and anywhere, via their mobile phones”, said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

Since officially launching across Southeast Asia and Taiwan in December 2015, Shopee has experienced significant growth in all countries. As of July 2016, Shopee Malaysia has amassed over 2 million installs. Across all markets, Shopee has over 20 million installs, 250,000 daily orders and an annualised gross merchandise value (GMV) of USD 1.3 billion, making it the fastest growing marketplace in the region.
With over 71% of the population owning a smartphone and more than 18 million people being active mobile internet users, mobile shopping has seen a rapid uptake in Malaysia. Based on a research done by Mastercard in 20151, 47% of Malaysians have made a purchase using their mobile phones and this number continues to grow exponentially.

Ho explained, “Malaysia has one of the highest smartphone penetration in the region. Stable infrastructure and increase in affluence are strong factors that contribute to Malaysia’s readiness in welcoming this new era of mobile shopping. This is why we built Shopee as a mobile-first platform that focuses on providing a convenient way for anybody to buy and sell”.

Ho added, “One of our most popular features is the in-app live chat, which allows buyers to communicate directly with sellers. We have since facilitated over 430 million chats across the region, with 30 new chats every second. This allows us to support buyers in a myriad of ways, such as finding out more product details, checking on order status and seeking after-sales support.”

To make 9 September even more special, Shopee has enlisted partners such as Maybank, Digi and Tune Protect to join in the celebration. “These are giants in their respective industries who are on the same page as us in embracing the mobile revolution. We look forward to even more exciting collaboration opportunities ahead”, Ho said.

On 9 September, Malaysians can expect to enjoy 24 hours of non-stop deals and promotions, such as bi-hourly flash sales and exclusive picks from top categories at insanely low prices. Plus, Shopee Malaysia will hold its first-ever mobile auction via Facebook Live, where shoppers will stand a chance to win mobile phones, such as Samsung Note 7 and Huawei P9, with bids starting from as low as RM 9.90.

Shopee Malaysia can be downloaded for free on all mobile platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on Shopee 9.9 – Mobile Shopping Day, visit http://shopee.com.my/

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FILEM: Kalam Kalam Langit

Dalam kesibukan acara malam kemuncak #FFM28, kami sempat ke MATTA Fair di PWTC pagi tadi semasa tandatangan MoU antara biro perjalanan wisata Indonesia (ASITA) dan MATTA dari Malaysia. Booth Indonesia yang terletak di Hall 3 (ASEAN Hall) bukan sekadar menampilkan seni budaya dari team Wonderful Indonesia tetapi turut membawa filemnya sekali iaitu Kalam Kalam Langit arahan Tarmizi Abka yang dirasakan berpotensi menjadi instrumen promosi Wonderful Indonesia kerana latar lokasi Lombok pada filem ini dianggap sudah dikenal baik oleh masyarakat di Malaysia.

Kalam Kalam Langit, sebuah filem bertema Islamik dari skrip tulisan Faozan Rizal. Dua pelakon utamanya, Dimas Seto dan Elyzia Mulachela akan menemui para peminat di Booth Indonesia MATTA Fair hari ini. Penyanyi lagu runut bunyi filemnya, Cut Nyak Niken Astri Febrianti juga akan membuat persembahan.

Filem Kalam Kalam Langit bakal diedarkan di pawagam Malaysia mulai 15 September 2016 edaran Utopia Motion Picture Sdn Bhd.

Pembangunan Melaka Gateway Tingkatkan Peluang Pekerjaan

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Sept — KAJ Development Sdn Bhd, pemaju utama Melaka Gateway, menjangka projek itu akan menarik kira-kira 2.5 juta pengunjung setahun dan mewujudkan antara 40,000 dan 45,000 peluang pekerjaan selepas siap pada 2025.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Datuk Michelle Ong berkata syarikat itu dan Powerchina International Group Ltd dari China akan membangunkan tiga pulau di Melaka Gateway dengan pelaburan sebanyak RM30 bilion.

“Majlis pemeteraian hari ini adalah komitmen kami untuk membawa pelaburan langsung asing ke Malaysia dan pada masa sama, menarik pengetahuan teknikal dan kepakaran dari China,” katanya dalam kenyataan hari ini.

KAJ Development dan Powerchina International hari ini menandatangani memorandum persefahaman bagi projek itu.

Powerchina International telah menggerakkan pasukan teknikalnya untuk mengkaji data teknikal semasa dan melakukan kajian daya maju awal, selain rundingan dan kerja-kerja reka bentuk di Melaka Gateway.

Foto: Megat Firuz

Teater Muzikal Mencari Sumaiyah di Istana Budaya

Pengarah: Dira Abu Zahar
Pengarah Kreatif: Dato’ Hans Isaac
Penerbit: Hyper Pictures Sdn. Bhd. dan Tall Order Sdn. Bhd. dengan kerjasama Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia
Pelakon: Erra Fazira, Afdlin Shauki, Sherry Alhadad, Nadia Aqilah, Aisya Hasnaa, Ruzana Ibrahim, Nasz Sally

Selamat datang ke tahun 1999 di Kampung Rukun! Penduduk-penduduk Kampung Rukun amat bersyukur dengan semua sumber semulajadi dan segala yang tersedia untuk mereka di kampung itu.

Penduduknya semua dikenali kerana berpakaian cantik dan segak, tak kira apapun pekerjaan mereka; penjual kuih, nelayan, penoreh getah, suri rumah, kesemuanya berpakaian cantik. Terima kasih kepada empat orang tukang jahit dan pereka fesyen tetap Kampung Rukun iaitu Zaitun, Faridah, Mariam dan Salmi.

Pada satu hari, kedai jahit Zaitun, Faridah, Mariam dan Salmi didatangi seorang pelanggan dari Kuala Lumpur. Pelanggan tersebut menyaksikan bakat mereka yang begitu sofistikated tetapi hairan dengan kesederhanaan kedai mereka. Pelanggan tersebut mencadangkan agar mereka memohon geran untuk peniaga kecil di Kuala Lumpur bagi melebarkan lagi sayap mereka.

Dari sinilah mereka bermula untuk melangkah keluar dari zon selesa di kampung dan berhijrah ke kesibukan kota Kuala Lumpur.

Dalam mereka mengejar impian, nilai persahabatan mereka akan menemui pelbagai ujian. Dapatkah mereka mengharunginya atau adakah mereka akanberputus-asa? Persahabatan, perpaduan dan kegigihan adalah antara nilai-nilai yang akan dipaparkan di dalam teater muzikal ini.

Ikuti suka-duka perjalanan empat sahabat ini dalamMencari Sumaiyah.

Teater Mencari Sumaiyah akan mula dipentaskan dari 8 hingga 14 Ogos ini. Tiket-tiket berharga RM40, RM60, RM80, RM100, RM130 dan RM150 boleh didapati menerusi laman sesawang http://redtix.airasia.com/events/Mencari_Sumaiyah/ atau anda boleh hubungi talian 03-40265558 untuk maklumat lanjut.


Out Now!

Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron’s band Hater reissues their first self-titled album, Hater (1993), on CD and for the first time on vinyl and through all digital outlets!

In addition to originals by the band, Hater (1993) includes a Cat Stevens’ rework of “Mona Bone Jakon” and a cover of a Billy “Edd” Wheeler’s record, “Blistered.” Wheeler is known for writing Johnny Cash and June Carter’s Grammy winning record “Jackson.”